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Wirplex is an aggregator of TV channels, even on demand, and webradio live on the web.

Wirplex is limited solely to incorporating the computer code made available by third party sites, which broadcast free to air and webradio TV channels on the Internet. No activity of file sharing and transmission, in streaming mode or in any other mode, of any television or radio signal is therefore effected or facilitated in any form by Wirplex.

Wirplex is a simple aggregator of free to air television channels and webradio transmitted on-line by third parties (for further information consult third-party websites, as indicated from time to time). Through the reporting service you can make appropriate reports to Wirplex, which will be immediately examined by the website.
The concluded contract may be stored electronically and / or in paper form by Wirplex and the data contained therein will be accessible to Wirplex personnel for the purposes of execution of the latter and any third parties in accordance with current legislation, and as better illustrated in the site privacy policy.
By providing their contact details, the user expressly consents to Wirplex’s use of e-mail.
Wirplex remains free to accept user requests or not, without the user being able to claim anything.
Wirplex does not guarantee that the continuous availability of services remains FREE.
To be able to use the services of the site, the user must complete and submit the REGISTRATION form, providing at least the personal data indicated as mandatory, in accordance with the site’s privacy policy
The user is solely responsible for all activities performed by using his data. The user is required to keep his data in strict confidence and to keep it with the utmost diligence. The user undertakes to notify Wirplex as soon as possible via e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt within the following 48 hours, any unauthorized use of his data as well as any other security breach of which he becomes aware.

Wirplex, having received communication with the aforementioned methods, undertakes to take all appropriate measures. The user undertakes to check the truthfulness and correctness of the data sent to Wirplex, to ensure that its data remains up-to-date, truthful and correct, as well as to print and maintain the conditions of use of the contract and the privacy policy of the site .
The terms of use of the website may be subject to updates, additions and changes at any time. Any new conditions will be reported to users in the same way as these conditions. If the user does not intend to accept changes to the conditions, it is necessary to stop using the service. If you continue to use the service after the publication of any new conditions of the service, the latter will be deemed accepted by the user.
These general conditions will retain their validity even if the owner of the website changes its domain name and / or its legal nature.
Wirplex can not under any circumstances be considered bound by conditions other than those present if this is not expressly specified in a written act.

Wirplex reserves the right, without therefore assuming any general obligation of surveillance on how independently entered into the site by users, to remove without notice and at its sole discretion the contents deemed not suitable, without the user being able to claim anything against Wirplex.
All rights of use on the contents of the site, entered by users, belong exclusively to the available internet archives.
Wirplex does not perform any preventive control on the data and contents of any type sent by users and is not subject to any general obligation to monitor the contents of any kind (comments, forum posts, texts, images, audio / video files, personal data or third parties, etc.) sent by users, assuming no responsibility for what is published by the users themselves with the inclusion of content on the site.
Wirplex does not play any role of intermediation or control of television channels and webradio, and in any case the contents reported.
Wirplex is not bound by any type of relationship to the owners of websites that transmit the signal of the TV and the webradio reported on-line, except as provided for the purposes of embedding.
Except as provided for by the other terms of use of the website, the following specific obligations shall apply to the user, in particular, without claiming to be exhaustive.
You may not distribute any embed of the website or its services by any means without the prior written consent of Wirplex.
It is allowed to access the contents of the website through any internet technology.
In the event that the user uses Wirplex on his website, the user can not in any case modify the computer code, the application or anything else made available by Wirplex The user may, in particular, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, disseminate, display, sell, license or otherwise exploit the contents present on the web.
You agree to be solely responsible for any violation of your obligations and for the consequences, including any damage or expense that Wirplex may suffer, of such violation, as well as any data, information and, in general, content sent to and / or inserted on Wirplex, exempting Wirplex from any responsibility.
The user assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information entered on the site and ensures that all contents are in its legitimate availability; that the contents do not violate any distinctive sign, intellectual property right, industrial right, image right or other rights of third parties deriving from current legal regulations, customs or uses; that the contents are not contrary to imperative rules, public order or morality.
With regard to any personal data of third parties, the user guarantees to have complied with the point as required by the privacy policy of the site, exempting from any responsibility Wirplex.
It is strictly forbidden for the user to enter non-truthful data within the services of the site and within the relative further communications between the parties.
Wirplex is not the exclusive owner of copyrights Holders of all rights relating to television broadcasters and webradio, as well as the contents transmitted by them, remain the respective owners.
As already illustrated, in fact, Wirplex is limited to incorporating the computer code made available by third party sites that transmit the signal of free-to-air TV channels and webradio on the Internet.
Wirplex is not in any way responsible for the contents of any kind (texts, images, audio, video, etc.) published on-line from sites belonging to third parties which make available the computer code incorporated in the Wirplex website, or other services possibly provided by third parties, as indicated from time to time. As regards any matter relating to the aforementioned contents and / or services, it will therefore be necessary to contact the aforementioned third parties, who are solely responsible for them. In any case, an abusive reporting service is active on Wirplex.
Wirplex is not liable, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, for damages suffered by the user or by third parties due to the activity carried out and / or damages of any kind or in any way connected with the same activity, deriving from any non-fulfillment of the obligations borne by Wirplex, even in the event of compensation for damages claimed by third parties for any reason.
Wirplex has the right to suspend and interrupt the service connecting to the site at any time for technical reasons, for reasons related to the efficiency and security of the same services, and to suspend its operation for precautionary reasons, without being held liable the consequences of any interruptions or suspensions.
Wirplex assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions contained on the site.
Wirplex does not grant any license to copyrights, patents, trademarks or any other intellectual and industrial property rights; rights that remain in the exclusive availability of the legitimate owners. Wirplex is not responsible for any user typing errors. The user is therefore obliged to carefully check the data entered before sending them.
Wirplex, despite the technical measures adopted and adopted, does not guarantee that the site is immune to viruses or other potentially harmful programs. Therefore the user is expressly invited to adopt in advance all the most adequate and updated protection measures.
Anything that is foreseen by the conditions of use may in any case go to jeopardize the rights provided by the applicable law in favor of the user-consumer that can not be modified or renounced conventionally.

The user expressly recognizes and accepts that his data may be used by Wirplex anonymously for statistical purposes and market analysis.

Wirplex can not be held responsible for any violations of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 that refer to actions and / or omissions of the user or that derive in any case from the falsity and / or incorrectness of the declarations of the latter. In such a case, the user expressly undertakes to indemnify and to hold Wirplex harmless from any claim for damages that must be brought against Wirplex.

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